A few of us this week have played Journey (scheduled through the awesome event system) and will be sharing our thoughts. Anyone who wants to share can comment below or in a new post, whatever strikes your fancy.

This post contains spoilers, so tune out now if you don't want them. I don't want to hide all the text with the spoiler option because of the text above. You have been warned!

The one thing that comes through for me more strongly than anything in Journey is the sense of purpose, though that's never known to the player or the player character (that we know of). All we know is that we must strive for it. There's never any dialogue, but you can still almost feel... Read All
This game is beautiful. A single playthrough won't take you long, maybe 4 hours if you're really taking your time, but I intend to replay it quite a few times.

The visuals are beautiful. Coming from thatgamecompany, the people who gave us Flow and Flower, this is unsurprising. Movement is fluid, and the controls work exactly as you would expect.

The multiplayer aspect is the most interesting part, though. As you play you will be paired up with someone. You won't know their PSN ID until after you finish, you can't talk to them or send them messages. Your only form of communication is a visual and audible blip. Somehow, though, this works. As people disconnect, you'll lose... Read All