So, I just found out about "Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster." I watched the embedded video. Honestly, my thought is, "how many times are they going to port these original FF games?" I realize now we're talking "remaster" instead of "port," but I think my point is the same. I've played all or almost all of the FF games in the list given in the video (FFI-VI) numerous times on many different platforms. I have the original FF NES cart along with the original FF II & III SNES carts. I have different copies of the FFII and FFIII ports, though these games are confusing as they are also FFIV & VI. I have the ones that came out for PS1 and DS. Not only that, but I also... Read All

This article is from April. I regret that I did not share it then. This is truly an awesome tech demo that is worth taking a look at. The PC running the demo is showcasing four Titan X GPUs and featuring DirectX 12.

When I grew up I heard that Dungeons and Dragons was an evil game that was created by Satan as a gateway to the occult. The idea was that if you played it your mind would be invaded by evil and that evil would take root in your soul such that you might one day worship Satan or vote for a liberal president.

These kinds of videos remind me that some people still think odd things about the world. When I cast a spell in Skyrim or make Mario shoot a fireball, I don't spend time trying to figure it out in real life(mainly because it's impossible). I would love to live in a world where magic was real so I could be the oldest student at Hogwarts(or it's United States sister... Read All

Like many of you, I grew up on the Final Fantasy games. I found this video pretty interesting as I wasn't aware how the series started. I also knew(from watching it in the theaters) that The Spirits Within wasn't great, but I didn't know that it nearly bankrupted Square!