Games Done Quick is the pinnacle charity speedrun event and is happening this weekend during Twitch Con. This years round of runs will benefit the Able Gamers Charity and I encourage you to watch it and donate!

After Nintendo created the amazingly popular Nintendo and Super Nintendo Classic I've wondered if a Nintendo 64 Classic would come this year? Some people have speculated that Nintendo might also bring a GameCube Classic to market and a YouTuber Nintendrew looked into how practical that was. Spoiler alert he actually builds one but it's not cheap, a reason why Nintendo might not be building one anytime soon. That said, computing prices drop fast enough a GameCube classic might come in the next handful of years and if it did, I'd buy one at launch.

"How does The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD's graphics and visuals compare to that of the original GameCube version? We pitted the two side-by-side in a head-to-head comparison to find out just how much better the Wii U version looks!"

Press play and crank up the resolution and watch Wind Waker side by side Wind Waker HD. Looks like Wind Waker HD brings some really crisp visuals to the table. Does this look compelling enough to nab on Wii U?

During Nintendo's E3 event today they dropped the news that Wind Waker is coming to the Wii U in HD. The visuals in the video looks incredible and the remastered version looks great. This is a nice addition to the Wii U and for people that love this game and have the console could see this as a must buy!