Super Mario 3D All Stars is a triple pack collection of 3D Mario games on the Switch. From Mario 64 to Sunshine and ending with Mario Galaxy it's a great way to see the line from early Mario 3D games to the most modern incarnation in Super Mario Odyssey.

I appreciate Arlo's review of Super Mario 3D All Stars as he gives the games a fair shake and talks about a lot of the issues with 64 and Sunshine. I've heard a lot of criticism about this collection in that it's not a good value but I agree with Arlo here, if you are a fan of these games and want to play them this collection is a no brainier. I'd skip this collection if you aren't wanting to come back and play these... Read All

Since her debut in Super Mario Galaxy, Princess Rosalina is showing up in EVERYTHING...even the nwe Super Smash Bros for the Wii U! But really, WHO IS SHE?

The answer will change EVERYTHING you thought you knew about the Super Mario franchise...

I've not actually played much of Mario Galaxy, but as far as Mario lore goes, this video and it's Part 2 is definitely worth watching! There's genetic, story lore and physics evidence shown to make some amazing theories about the relationships in the Mario universe.