"Broforce is a hyperviolent action platform game. It features 90′s blockbuster movie action heroes making up the Broforce team- an under-funded vigilante paramilitary organisation – saving the world from satanic alien terrorist investment banker businessmen in non-stop, fast paced co-operative strategic mayhem filled with more action and explosions than anything else, ever."

After watching the Broforce trailer I was intrigued. Being able to play as Brommando, Rambro, BA Broacus, Bro Hard, Brodel Walker, Brade, Bro Dredd, MacBrover, Snake Broskin, Indiana Brones, The Brominator, Bro in Black & Brobocop is like my 80's childhood dream come true.

Do your soul a favor and vote for Broforce on Steam Greenlight and if you are feeling the adventure call to you, checkout the Alpha demo.


Broforce will also be part of the Greenlight Super show, so check it if you can!


Travis   Admin wrote on 06/28/2013 at 03:58pm

This just looks like sweet mayhem. Wow.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 06/28/2013 at 04:05pm

It really does. I am certain that most of the shots of the bros end in them dying. Going to check out the alpha build soon!

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