In The Cheerful Ghost Roundtable Episode 7: Halloween Special we take a bit of a break to talk about horror themed games we have played that have had an impact on us. @CapnCurry drops a story during our roundtable about "Gonzo the Norn" that is a must hear. It's a really interesting tale about an experience he had with a particular Norn in Creatures 2. Experience the story that prompted us to spontaneously clap when he was finished.

We also polish off the episode by going over games we'd like to see come to Valve's upcoming SteamOS and Steam Machines. Come for the video game discussion stay for us dressing up strangely!

Travis   Admin wrote on 10/24/2013 at 03:33am

That story about Gonzo the Norn is still bothering me.

Timogorgon   Member wrote on 10/24/2013 at 04:58am

That story is going to haunt me for awhile.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 10/24/2013 at 09:04pm

"Gonzo, Why?"

AdamPFarnsworth wrote on 10/24/2013 at 09:35pm

CapnCurry's story at about 20:00 is amazing! This roundtable is worth listening to because of it! (The rest is fine, but the story is something people really should listen to!)

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