After the rocky Witcher 2 DRM rollout issues it seems CD Project RED is ditching DRM completely for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I laud the move and in a nice set of events they are taking time to take shots are DRM in general and offer some great rationalizations as to why DRM is a bad thing for people that buy games.

The issue of DRM being appreciated by gamers is pretty over and done, but it seems some companies are holding fast to a very old policy of treating paying customers badly. In the video CD Project RED states that they are in the business of making life long customers and some people may lack the funds or ability to become paying customers at at some point down the line might pay for the game when it becomes possible.

hardeyez wrote on 11/02/2013 at 01:18am

Yeah, it was really weird with Witcher 2. If you bought it on GOG then it was DRM-free but most of the boxed copies sold in stores had it (probably at the request of the publisher doing the box deal). Which let people do direct comparison of the performance impact of the DRM (surprisingly bad). I believe they finally let you enter your cd key at GOG to get a "backup copy" there as well w/o DRM (in fact, I believe the steam keys worked also) which was awesome of them to fix the DRM issues.

I guess this time around they are just putting their foot down with the publishers they do deals with to get the boxes in stores...

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