If you are interested in trying out Destiny before you buy it, you are in luck. Bungie has released a demo for download on XBox 360, XBox One, PS3 & PS4. A few days ago I downloaded the demo and spent a few hours playing it today. The demo contains a pretty complete version of the game and so far, I haven't made it to the end of it. So far I have played the introduction, the initial Earth mission and spent some time in the Tower interacting with people. After the first mission, "The Divide" the other missions you can play are "The Dark Within" and "The Warmind."

Destiny is one of those games that received a ton of praise and criticism. After spending time playing the game I can understand the criticism but think much of it was simply unmet player expectations. Destiny is good and I appreciate its simplicity and gameplay. The story is interesting yet vague leaving me to wonder how much more will open up over the game or if they are planning on telling the tale over the base game and DLC?

I am playing the Destiny demo on the PS3 and beyond the initial jolt of coming back to PS3 gaming after being PC bound, it's a fun ride. Sure some of the graphics don't look as great as PC titles I am playing, but that's to be expected on the PS3. That said, the overall art of the game looks great and coupled with the music the game sets a very somber tone. I applaud Bungie for doing such a good job porting to the PS3, I didn't notice any lag or bad performance while playing it. Many modern triple A games still ship on PS3 and if Destiny is any indicator, it will be a great experience.

The ultimate tell of any demo is if you get the game. More than likely I won't pick this up on PS3 right now. I am still holding out hope that Destiny will come to PC at some point and I imagine this will happen well into the lifetime of the game or beyond. For now, playing the demo here and there will do and if you have any of the consoles I seriously recommend you give the game a try.


Travis   Admin wrote on 11/24/2014 at 07:09pm

I tried it on PS3 as well, and I'm quite impressed. But I'm so used to playing FPS games with a keyboard and mouse, I'm definitely holding out for a PC port that may come eventually.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 11/24/2014 at 09:05pm


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