Starship Rubicon was released last month and it's good to see people enjoy it. We are going to wrap up all the interesting Rubicon Let's Plays and Streams into two posts so strap yourself in for part one!

The video above is Maris of the Twitch GamerQuest fame. She held a two hour game stream/developer Q&A with Wick. I want to feature this video because it not only shows off the game but because Maris has a really interesting discussion with Wick about developing the game. The 2 hour session is broken up in a YouTube playlist, so hopefully that translates well to the embed above.

Celerius TheDerp takes a stab at a few Starship Rubicon runs and, like me, runs into a few asteroids along the way.

YouTube sensation "What's A Pixel Productions" recorded a video playing the game blind for the first time. He figures it out but gets bumped along the way. Starship Rubicon is challenging and this video shows someone experiencing that for the first time.

Robert Turner uploaded a video where he plays a few times as the Lamjet. He makes it all the way to the first boss and like my first try on that boss, is blown into many crystals.

Starship Rubicon is on Steam Greenlight and you should vote for it!
Check out part two

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