Here is part 2 of the Starship Rubicon Let's Play & Twitch roundup.

The video linked above is a very recent video by Sundarworld where he takes the Lamjet all the way to the Dodongo boss. This is his part 4 in his Starship Rubicon series. I'll keep you posted on how far he goes with this playthrough.

Streamfriends had an awesome Twitch stream video that is massively entertaining. After a few tries Mog beats the game so if you want to see someone beat Rubicon, this video will show you how. Along the way they bump into a few bugs but fear not, like everything, they will be fixed in an upcoming patch.

In ShieldGuys video he plays with the Lamjet and Warbird. He beats the first level boss, the Bullwark with the Warbird and makes it to level 2!

Starship Rubicon is on Steam Greenlight and you should vote for it!

If you missed it, check out the first part of the round up below.