Joni and Sean and the two part super group behind the Indie Zelda-like Anodyne are close to releasing their follow up Even The Ocean. Even the Ocean is a story based side scroller where you "follow Aliph, a technician for Whiteforge City, as she investigates a recent string of power plant failures..." It features an interesting power mechanic that you can balance to use in your favor situationally. From following the game in it's early stages it looks to have changed some but it still looks great.

When the game launches i'll post more but you can find out more by checking the games website.

We also talked to Joni and Sean back in 2014 about the game which Scrypt and I saw at that years PAX Prime. You can read that interview below:

Travis   Admin wrote on 01/18/2016 at 10:34pm

Looks like it pulls in inspiration from various styles. I'm getting a heavy Metroidvania vibe, which is a good thing.

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