Even The Ocean

by Analgesic Productions

Developed by Analgesic Productions

Even the Ocean: Balance hints at the interlocking gameplay, plot, and themes that will be explored in the game. Aliph, a lowly power plant technician for Whiteforge City, finds her world turned upside-down after a routine maintenance trip goes awry. Now, working directly with Whiteforge's Mayor Biggs to face an unknown menace, Aliph must navigate her newfound power and influence to save the city. From Aliph's conflicting identities to environmental issues to the flow of Light and Dark Energy... everything hangs in the balance!

Even the Ocean is the upcoming indie adventure game from the Analgesic Productions duo that brought us Anodyne. I was a huge fan of Anodyne when it dropped and have been eagerly anticipating Even the Ocean since I played it at PAX in 2014. Analgesic recently released an animated trailer showing off the game and you should check that out above. A few things that set Analgesic games from the rest is their unique art and musical style. Even The Ocean has progressed much since I first played it at PAX and I can't wait to try it out when it releases on PC and Mac this summer!


Joni and Sean and the two part super group behind the Indie Zelda-like Anodyne are close to releasing their follow up Even The Ocean. Even the Ocean is a story based side scroller where you "follow Aliph, a technician for Whiteforge City, as she investigates a recent string of power plant failures..." It features an interesting power mechanic that you can balance to use in your favor situationally. From following the game in it's early stages it looks to have changed some but it still looks great.

When the game launches i'll post more but you can find out more by checking the games website.


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After enjoying Sean Hogan and Jon Kittaka's first game Anodyne, I have been watching the development of "Even the Ocean" with anticipation. Recently they gave me access to "motion demo #1" and I am pretty impressed with it.

Sean and Jon's style is very present in "Even the Ocean" and from the first time you open the game, the unique score brings something very different to the table. Whereas Anodyne was a top down Zelda-esque game, Even the Ocean is a side scrolling platformer. The platforming mechanics of Even the Ocean are pretty simple to understand. You have an energy bar that contains two kinds of energy. If you have much more white energy you can jump higher BUT... Read All