The Force Awakens was the biggest movie launch in 2015 and as such there is going to be many behind the scenes videos about it. I've seen some really interesting stuff and wanted to share those with you. The first one shared above is a short about the Holochess easter egg in The Force Awakens. It was filmed using a very similar stop motion animation style and people connected with the original film to give the scene the authentic feel they were going for. YouTube channel Tested also did a separate video where they interviewed everyone involved with the Holochess scene and it covers much of the stuff in the official video above but is from a slightly different perspective.

Finally FX Guide TV did a very interesting short on the practical and CG effects in The Force Awakens. There is a metric junkload of CG shots in The Force Awakens but it is used very well alongside quite a lot of practical. It's nice to see the discussion and have them talk a bit about how complicated some of these shots were to get.

AdamPFarnsworth wrote on 01/25/2016 at 09:22pm

That was cool to see.

And everyone did go "Yay!" :)

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