Twitter user Unreal389 asked the official Doom twitter handle about how much time the new Doom single player mission would take to complete. Since I can't stop cramming my brain with new Doom news, the tweet is below.

"@Unreal389 The difficulty level plays a factor, but folks playing at the office average 13+ hours in the campaign"

13+ hours seems like a reasonable amount of time for the single player campaign. I plan on spending as much or more time building levels in Snapmap and i'll also give multiplayer a try.

Bethesda has been keeping the new Doom hype train going and recently dropped more information about the single player campaign.

"This is where the show really begins. Martin seems to be everywhere at once. He mantles to an upper deck and hits one demon with some plasma fire. He drops to a lower level and uses his modded Rocket Launcher to detonate some heavy ordnance behind a heaving Hell Knight. Out comes the Chaingun for some rapid peppering of multiple enemies. He staggers one demon, then another, then rushes forward to Glory Kill the first and immediately dispatches the second with an explosive burst from his modded Combat Shotgun. And, as he earlier promised to show us, he’s flick-switching – id’s in-house term for the instinctual and nearly instantaneous swapping of weapons that players can pull off once they learn their way around the weapon wheel. A quick tap, a quick flick… and the weapon wheel never even appears. “It makes you feel super slick when you’re doing it,” Martin smiles. “You’re just flick-switching between weapons and you’re like…” Martin pauses to make some rapid-fire pew-pew-pew sound effects. We get the point.

But Martin isn’t just showboating for us. He’s also demonstrating something we haven’t yet seen in action: the player progression system. While id wasn’t ready to reveal the mechanics behind this system, they wanted to give us a taste of how players can customize their abilities to fit their play style.

New Doom will drop May 13th on PC, XBox One and Playstation 4. Let me know in the comments which platform you plan on playing it on.

scrypt   Supporter wrote on 02/19/2016 at 06:24pm

Looks freakishly intense. Can't wait ;)

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