This years Star Wars Celebration in the UK was the place to be for rabid fans of all things Yoda. Star Wars Celebration is a yearly convention that talks about what's happening in the Star Wars universe by way of panels, interviews, art exhibits and expo floor. The above link is to the Mark Hamill interview where he talks about his short work on Episode VII, the old trilogy and drops a few incredible lines in the voice of the Joker from the recent Killing Joke animated film. There were a couple panels that Disney hasn't released footage of yet namely the Rogue One panel, which I can't wait to watch. I've collected more links to some of the more interesting stuff from Star Wars Celebration so check those out below.

Rogue One Director Gareth Edwards Interview & Rogue One Film Reel

Gareth Edwards is the director of Monsters, Godzilla 2013 and the upcoming Rogue One and in this interview talks about his love for Star Wars and how that translates to directing a Star Wars movie. It's interesting to think that Gareth grew up watching Star Wars on VHS and is now directing his first Star Wars film something he may have possibly dreamed of doing some day. JJ Abrhams was a huge Star Wars fan prior to directing Episode VII and that seemed to turn out pretty well so hopefully Gareth's love for the franchise translates to an incredible film.

Disney dropped more Rogue One footage at Star Wars Celebration and you need to click the link below to watch it. Gareth's gritty war-soaked Rogue One looks absolutely incredible and I can't wait to watch it in December.

Star Wars Archeology Panel

If watching every behind the scenes feature on your Star Wars DVD's is your thing, watch the Star Wars Archeology Panel. This deep dive talk stars off talking about how they are recreating the original trilogy sets in VR and how they are using this tech on the new Star Wars films. They also talk about miniatures and model building and that The Phantom Menace was the Star Wars film that featured the most miniature shots of any movie because computer effects weren't advanced enough to be used.

Rogue One Costume Exhibit

So many Trooper costumes, so little time.

Travis   Admin wrote on 07/20/2016 at 02:07pm

I watched the Mark Hamill hour and loved it. He seems like such a down-to-earth and happy guy.

Then the Rebels panel was illuminating a bit, but mostly just fun to watch the creator and some of the cast speak with Warwick Davis. And Thrawn is coming back to canon!

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