If you hang out in retro gaming circles of have hit up a video game convention or two you may have seen the Supaboy, Hyperkin's portable Super Nintendo. The Supaboy has a pretty large following of people that play SNES carts on the go and as such Hyperkin has refreshed the hardware with an all new Supaboy S. Sporting a larger screen, better form factor, improved speakers and the ability to play NTSC and PAL games the Supaboy S is an interesting way to play Super Nintendo games anywhere.

"Daily Dot: "Time to crack open your vintage game collection (that is, if you don't have a shrine to it in your living room already)."

Blunty: "This one also handles PAL cartridges - not just the NTSC that the original did. That's pretty exciting!"

The handheld Hyperkin SupaBoy S will play original SNES (NTSC AND PAL) and SFC cartridges on a built-in 4.3 inch LCD screen. It includes a D-pad and face buttons, as well as right and left shoulder buttons. The SupaBoy S also includes two front-loading ports that are compatible with full-size SNES-compatible controllers and an AV out. It allows up to two players to play the SupaBoy S on a regular TV screen.

If you want another review of the Supaboy S, check out the one by Metal Jesus (may his name be praised) below:


Travis   Admin wrote on 12/04/2016 at 03:00am

Whoa, I didn't know Tom Morello did gaming videos.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 12/04/2016 at 06:14am

Hahaha he's not raging in this video though.

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