I don't have a problem with shooter games and violence. I also think it's good that video games branch out from the same kinds of plot lines and story beats. The new Far Cry 5 trailer dropped on the Internet recently and besides Ubisoft taking the game visuals to a new level (it really does look very good) the game is getting a bit of a backlash from gamers for it's setting. Basically the game is set in rural Montana where a religious cult takes over the town of Hope Springs. Since all of what I described is not only a crime in America, but also total bullshit if you enjoy the freedom to do what you want with your life, in Far Cry 5 you are the player set to take the cult down and free the town. With that, some gamers feel that this game is an attack on certain heartland values and American loving rednecks. I can understand some of this criticism as typically games don't feature the modern day US heartland as it's backdrop. Many might find this shocking but frankly... it shouldn't be as shooters have been waging war in countries all over the world for quiet some time. Now that the game is in rural Montana now we have a problem? I don't see it. If games can explore new ideas and settings why not a game where you take down a religious cult in Montana? I get that this hits close to home for many gamers in America but... shouldn't this be OK too? Maybe the only kinds of shooter settings palatable for some are yet another WW2 shooter, Nazi killing simulator or yet another jaunt through Hell?

Regardless of the controversy I love the new take and I hope Far Cry 5 doesn't go all hamfist with this game. Ubisoft can say something interesting here and I hope they do because they now have everyones attention.

Far Cry 5 will drop on PS4, XBone & PC February 27, 2018.

AdamPFarnsworth wrote on 06/01/2017 at 05:15pm

I hope the backlash is from people who were only half paying attention to the trailer.

I think this game looks great and would love to play it! I like that it's set in America.

Travis   Admin wrote on 06/02/2017 at 02:01am

It's very clearly not an attack on religion, it's an attack on murderous violent cults. There's a very big difference. I don't think christians could watch Handmaid's Tale and think it's an attack on their values. No, never mind. That's probably also happening.

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