Now that the Nintendo Switch is out and the Wii U received it's last first party Nintendo title if you are interested in picking one up and the back catalog now might be a good time. Metal Jesus and Kinsey have a really great video that covers the system and some of the best games you can get. I still love collecting games for my Wii and getting a Wii U is a matter of time when the prices on the used market go low enough.

GregoPeck   Member wrote on 07/14/2017 at 05:14am

I extremely, strongly recommend Hyrule Warriors. It is definitely one of the best Wii U games, in my opinion. Smash Bros. and Mario Kart are good, too. They also released Wind Waker and Twilight Princess in HD for the Wii U.

hardeyez wrote on 07/14/2017 at 07:25pm

Pikmin 3, I love Pikmin and it was the main reason I wanted a wii U :) Mario Kart 8 is also great (if you don't have a switch yet)

Travis   Admin   Member wrote on 07/15/2017 at 04:52am

I'm glad Nintendo made Bayonetta 2 happen, but also disappointed that Wii U is the only place for it. But it wouldn't even exist without Nintendo so I guess I can't be too upset. That's one strong reason to get a Wii U for me.

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