I think Bethesda might be the kings and queens of next level video game advertising that border on satirical art. With the recent protests of actual Nazi's in the US (can't believe that shit is real and happening) Wolfenstein II is verging into eerily real territory. In an earlier trailer for Wolf II Nazi's and the KKK stand side by side in an American street as buddies. With all that's happening in the US and the story iD Software wants to tell with Wolfenstein II it's just an interesting intersection where art imitates life but in the words of everyone favorite Nazi hunter BJ Blazkowicz...

"I got kids on the way and i'll be damed if i'm gonna raise them in a world run by these Nazi assholes!"



Travis   Admin wrote on 09/01/2017 at 01:45pm

It hadn't occurred to me that Wolfenstein could be relevant to modern times. That's... depressing. But when I strap in to pretend to be BJ later this year, it'll feel different than it did in the last game.

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