Nintendo announced Nintendo Labo today which looks to be a game that merges hobbyist DiY crafting and the Nintendo Switch. It's a really interesting concept and the trailer shows off some of the fun things you can do with Labo. Many people are jumping into the maker communities creating mini computers that do certain tasks and it seems like Labo is on the edge of that with some of the silly peripherals of the Wii era. Want to make a remote controlled device with your joy-cons that uses the rumble to move? Check. Want to build a cardboard fishing pole to catch something? Check. Want to build a full robot suit to fight other robots? Check.

I could see Labo going pretty big with kids and parents that want to have some family crafting and gaming time together. I could see myself getting this when my son is older and I think we'd have quite a bit of fun with it. Then again, if many on Twitter are to be believed, this is just another failure of Nintendo recently(which is an odd claim considering Nintendo is doing very well at the moment). As I was reading the fan response to Labo on Twitter I really appreciated what @MikeDrucker had to say

"NINTENDO: Nintendo Labo is for kids and those that like kid stuff!
ADULT GAMER: Okay, but what if I don't want it?
NINTENDO: Totally fine. It's for kids.
ADULT GAMER: Yes, but cardboard? Really? Not in my game room!
NINTENDO: It's for kids.
ADULT GAMER: But how is it for me?

Yeah maybe Nintendo Labo isn't for everyone but it still looks like fun and isn't like anything Sony or Microsoft is doing at all.

Travis   Admin wrote on 01/18/2018 at 04:32am

Honestly this looks fun for adults to a point. I would have fun with this for about an hour. Not worth the price of entry for me. BUT it's something that a parent would have loads of fun with when building with a child, and it brings the makerspace mentality to a younger audience. It's fantastic!

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