You don't need to wait for a Steam based handheld because it's already here and it's in it's second form in the GPD Win 2. GPD makes lots of portable systems and I actually own one of them in the portable Android handheld GPD XD. The GPD Win 2 looks to improve the specs and hardware of it's initial launch to cram a ton of PC horsepower into the palm of your hands such as..

  • Intel Core m3-7Y30

  • lntel HD Graphics 615

  • 6 inches H-IPS Technology

  • 8GB Memory

  • M.2 SSD 128GB, Replaceable, No Capacity Ceiling

  • 162×99×25mm

  • ABS + Aluminum alloy

  • 2×4900mAh, In Series

  • About 6~8 hours of battery life, it should depend on the actual working conditions

To put this handheld in perspective the embedded video above is showing new Doom on GPD Win 2 running at 40FPS and Doom on the switch runs at 30FPS. The official GPD Win 2 Indiegogo page has linked to lots of other videos showing off other games such as Wolfenstein II, Witcher III and more running at entirely acceptable PC frame rates making this PC handheld a really great option if you want to play games on the go. If you are thinking about making the jump into portable PC territory the GPD Win 2 is currently priced at $649 and they plan on raising that when the system finally launches.

I really like that the handheld PC space is improving over time and if the 2,896 backers on Indiegogo that have funded this at 1.8 million are an indicator there is a market for these kinds of systems. As the Nintendo Switch gets more popular these kinds of alternatives are going to keep coming and I am curious when we might see from others?

Travis   Admin wrote on 02/06/2018 at 03:48pm

> GPD Win 2 running at 40FPS and Doom on the switch runs at 30FPS

That's the GPD Win running at 40FPS at around 500p on low settings, and the switch running 30FPS around 600p upscaled to 720p on what are probably the equivalent of low settings. It's probably not accurate to say that it runs *better* on this than the Switch but honestly getting it to run acceptably on stock Intel video is impressive regardless of the comparisons.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 02/07/2018 at 04:44am

Ah good point, so it seems they both hold their own with the game which is fairly impressive. At some point i'm gonna pick up a PC based handheld and i'm wondering when i'm going to jump in. Think that the former GPD Win is now about half off at $400 or so on Amazon so maybe wait for rev 3 to hit and get rev 2?

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