If you frequent this site you know I love watching speedruns. I think a great speedrunner is not only skilled at the game they are playing but can also explain the history of the run as well as how certain strategies were discovered. Certain YouTube channels do breakdowns of Speedruns and their history and Summoning Salt is one of the best. Check out the historical breakdown of the Super Mario Bros. 3 100% Speedrun above and learn about Mitch Flower Power and the rest of amazing runners that have traded the world record over the years.

If this speedrun historical breakdown isn't enough for you, strap in because in a couple days i'm going to post my final 2018 GDQ Express wrap up series and one run features Mitch and Grand Poo Bear speedrunning Super Mario Bros. 3 co-op!

AdamPFarnsworth wrote on 11/30/2018 at 02:27pm

I've not watched this yet, but the history of speed running fascinates me!

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