Awesome Games Done Quick starts tomorrow at 8.30 am PT / 11.30am ET and will run all week day and night ending on Saturday the 11th. Like every year there are going to be some incredible games run such as Super Mario Bros. 3, Doom SIGIL, Doom 2016, Terraria, ActRaiser, Donkey Kong Country 3, the Fallout Anthology, Final Fantasy VIII, Zelda Ocarina of Time, NES Barbie and a ton more!

I'm excited to see the Terraria run which is a Moonlord Normal Seeded run and the estimate is an hour, which is wicked fast. If you are interested in watching the Terraria run it will be Tuesday at 4pm but for more information on the whole event clickety-clack or tippety-tap that link... Read All

Travis gives this an astounding "Must Play" on the Ghost Scale
This achieves something special, and it would be a shame to miss it.
Travis gives this a "Must Play" on the Ghost Scale
This achieves something special, and it would be a shame to miss it.
Much like the Power Glove, this episode is so bad. Hopefully you'll think it's "bad" like the 90s slang, not like... actually bad. Come join us as we discuss one of the greatest games of all time, Super Mario Bros. 3, and the legacy it has left, including visual media like The Wizard and Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3!
It's that time again, Cheerful Ghost Games Club is back with Super Mario Bros. 3!

In season 3 of Cheerful Ghost Radio, we are starting our NES Classic reviews with Super Mario Bros. 1-3. We're finishing things off with Super Mario Bros. 3! Come play the game and discuss it with us, and we’ll include your thoughts in the episode!

And it's not like you need an excuse to play this incredible game, right!?

Super Mario Bros. 3 was the last game on the NES, and it pushed the system and the series to new heights with the new feature set, improved graphics, and new elements. The third game introduced some Mario series staples, like the overworld, power-ups you could use outside... Read All

Sorry I'm a bit late with this BUT Awesome Games Done Quick is still going strong and you should watch it and donate to benefit the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Right now Mitchflowerpower, Jabem and Gaiden are doing a race of Super Mario Bros. 3MIX which is a fun ROM hack mashup of all the Mario Games. At around 8pm PST they will start a run of Super Mario RPG where they estimate the run to take about 3 hours and 30 minutes. As always, Awesome Games Done Quick is an incredible charity event and afterward i'll be creating a few wrap up posts that highlight my favorite runs.

If you watched and saw something you want to highlight, drop it in the comments!

... Read All

If you frequent this site you know I love watching speedruns. I think a great speedrunner is not only skilled at the game they are playing but can also explain the history of the run as well as how certain strategies were discovered. Certain YouTube channels do breakdowns of Speedruns and their history and Summoning Salt is one of the best. Check out the historical breakdown of the Super Mario Bros. 3 100% Speedrun above and learn about Mitch Flower Power and the rest of amazing runners that have traded the world record over the years.

If this speedrun historical breakdown isn't enough for you, strap in because in a couple days i'm going to post my final 2018 GDQ... Read All

Super Mario Bros. 3 was released in Japan in 1988 and later came to the United States a year later making it widely regarded as one of the most influential Mario and platform games. Back in the early 90's I played a ton of Super Mario Bros. 3 and loved it so much I constantly read the Nintendo Players Guide to the point of destroying the magazine binding requiring me to fix it with some packing tape. I still have my Nintendo Players Guide and was happy to see it largely recreated in the recent "Playing with Power" NES Classic guide.

A lot has been said about Super Mario Bros. 3 and I think a good way of shining a light on this classic game is through a recent series of... Read All

Here's another round of awesome SGDQ runs that you might want to check out. But... Jon why? Read on friends!

Super Mario Bros 3 All Forts Race of MitchFlowerPower v GrandPOOBear in 58:34 This run is embedded above and is not only an amazing test of skill by Mitch and PooBear but it also contains two really unfortunate soft locks. After Mitch's console soft locks the first time they are able to restart the run together but after that PooBear takes the win. It's hard to see this kind of thing happen in a race but both players are cool about it and you can see that in the interview afterward. It was reported that PooBear kicked Mitch's console but that's not quite what... Read All
Recently I picked up 8Bitdo's NES30 Pro bluetooth gamepad. I have a bunch of PC controllers but most of them like the XBox 360 controller are great for PC shooters and other games but not great for traditional platformers or retro games.

The NES30 advertises support for the PC, Mac, Android, iOS & more recently the Switch. With some research I found out that the NES30 supports iOS through iCade which is a pseduo-standard that began with the iCade for iPad where the controller acts like a keyboard and games that support the iCade respond to certain keyboard button presses. It's an interesting work around to Apple not having a controller standard at the time until... Read All

For many the thought of building up a retro game library of the games you want to collect isn't easy or cheap. It seems like more and more people are trying to collect these old games making stock limited and driving up prices. Even when new opportunities to own these classics comes up by way of the Nintendo or Super Nintendo Classic those options aren't available to everyone as again... stock is limited so what's a person to do? Well Cygnus Destroyer as a video about solutions to these problems by way of flash carts and bootlegs. Seems a bit odd to to me to play a Nintendo Game on a NES recreation like the RetroN and a flash cart when you could just emulate... Read All
Artist Dave Delisle has recreated the Portland Trimet light rail lines in the style of Super Mario Bros. 3. I find this particularly cool as I live in Portland and ride the MAX lines when I head into work. Dave has also created version of metro lines in other cities such as Washington DC Metro, Vancouver Skytrain, Pittsburgh LRT, Toronto TTC, Calgary C-Train & the Atlanta Marta.