Travis and I have been working over the last two months and finally happy to announce that Cheerful Ghost is in development of it's first game! In 2018 we launched our games BBS featuring the best open source web games you can play as the first step in us getting to the point of creating our own games. Each of the games we launched on our BBS so far are single player games and we think that what makes Cheerful Ghost great is hanging out with other users so each game we create ourselves will be multiplayer at their core.

What Are You Making?

We're not quite ready to drop the full details of our upcoming game yet, but I do want to talk about a few things. Firstly, as I mentioned already each Cheerful Ghost created game will feature interacting with the community as an essential component. I love playing games with friends and some of the most fun experiences I have were playing with them. We're also going to make sure each game we make will be playable entirely from your phone, tablet or desktop browser. I think it makes sense for Cheerful Ghost games to be entirely playable in your browser and means that the way you come to the site is the way you should play our games.

When I think about the most fun games from the BBS era, the ones I want to play the most are games that create a vast world deep in lore but simple enough to pickup and play a couple times over the course of your day.

When Will The Game Launch?

The goal is to have our first game out by the end of 2019 but as with any game development timeline, it's possibly entirely wrong. One helpful piece to hitting the end of the year goal is that our first game is fairly simple as it's a fun homage to the BBS/DOS text game era. That said, things come up and we might not hit that date but we'll do our best.

**update** We've used the "Link holding a Ghost" graphic a couple times and it's _NOT_ foreshadowing the kind of game we are making. Our game will be VERY focused on the BBS/DOS era graphically.

AdamPFarnsworth wrote on 02/11/2019 at 04:36am

I can't want to play your "Link holding a Ghost" game! But seriously, I know the work you guys are putting into this and I'm looking forward to the game!

Travis   Admin wrote on 02/11/2019 at 11:13pm

I look forward to you trying it as well! It's been a lot of fun to design.

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