The other day as I was flipping through the Xbox marketplace I discovered a free docuseries called Power On: The Story of Xbox. I decided to watch the first couple minutes and have since binged the whole 6 part show. Power On is a Microsoft created retrospective that goes back to the early roots of the original Xbox all the way to the launch of the Xbox Series X and highlights the ups and downs. From the early craze of Halo to the Red Ring of Death it's all here in it's docu-glory. Often company created documentaries don't showcase the whole story this seems to be a pretty even handed look at the successes and failures of the Xbox platform including the very rocky launch of the Xbox One.

You can watch Power On for free on YouTube, Roku TV, Amazon, Microsoft, IMDBTV and Redbox streaming right now.

AdamPFarnsworth wrote on 01/26/2022 at 02:36pm

This sounds rad. I love documentaries about company histories, especially video game companies!

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