I now bring you the thrilling part 2 to my interview with the always awesome Panickedthumb.

You can read part one here:

jdodson: What was the last game you beat?

panickedthumb: This is kinda sad actually. I can't remember. I just took a scan through my Steam library to find out. Does Diablo 3 count? I haven't beaten Inferno with any character yet, but I've beaten Diablo himself quite a few times now. Otherwise, it's Deus Ex: Human Revolution I guess. Perhaps I'm going through a phase, but lately I've been having trouble holding my focus on a game long enough to beat it. This happens from time to time. I usually end up on a gaming hiatus for a while and then come back fresh.

Human Revolution was a masterpiece by the way. It's probably my favorite game I've played this year. Stealth, RPG elements, tight cover-based shooting. It's a good length too. Much longer and it would have felt like a drag, much shorter and you'd feel cheated.

jdodson: Beating Diablo 3 does count, yes. I don't care what the kiddies say, just because I haven't beaten inferno 50 times with all the characters doesnt mean I have beaten the single player aspect of Diablo 3. Feel free to respond to that but also I had a follow up there.

jdodson: Recently Linux users playing D3 through Wine have been permanently banned by Blizzard. Since D3 is only playable online and banning is permanent, I wonder what your thoughts are with this recent trend?

panickedthumb: I'm not 100% sure that's true. It seems there's conflicting information. I would certainly like to know the answer to that though. Blizzard says they aren't doing it, but people seem pretty sure they are. If it is happening, it's horrible. They have allowed WoW in WINE for years, why should this be any different?

jdodson: I don't know. I guess I believe people more than I believe Blizzard. No reason beyond it seems like Blizzard has more to gain being dodgy and a person has less to gain. I think my bias is showing, but if it all came out and those people really are dirty cheats then they deserve a perma-ban.

jdodson: Would it scare you to have you Battle.net account banned?

panickedthumb: Since D3 is online-only, yes. Especially because they seem unwilling to listen to any reason when attempting to get unbanned.

jdodson: Your Steam account banned?

panickedthumb: YES. More than Battle.net, but I think I'm less likely to get a Steam ban, and I think if it was erroneous I'd be more likely to get my account back than with Blizzard. That's one downside to digital distribution. Lose your Steam account, you've lost everything.

jdodson: I agree, I think Steam has a reputation of being a "good guy" over Blizzard. Why do you think people trust Valve more than say Blizzard here?

panickedthumb: They seem to be more willing to work with their customers. They aren't
quite Zappos but they seem to go a long way to make their customers
happy. This isn't always the case, of course, but they have a
reputation for being one of the good guys for a reason.

jdodson: The Mario franchise is pretty huge, even now. I wonder what you think was the game that stands out above the rest for you?

panickedthumb: Super Mario Galaxy 2 is probably the one that stands out above the rest. It was impeccable. No, it wasn't a big change over the first Galaxy, but it refined everything about the first one. It certainly isn't my favorite, that has to go to Super Mario Bros. 3. That may be because of nostalgia, I'm not sure, but it's definitely my favorite. However, the Mario franchise is 3D now, primarily, and Galaxy 2 is the pinnacle of the 3D series.

jdodson: Memes. They will always be with us. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing. What Meme rubs you the wrong way? Is there one you absolutely love?

panickedthumb: I used to like memes, then I took an arrow to the knee. Yes, that one is my least favorite. It is funny, but it got so overdone it's like Ace of Base in the 90s. None stands out as being my favorite, but I'm quite fond of the STAHP meme going around right now. I'm sure it will get overdone soon enough. Here's an example. Bonus, it's video game related: http://knowyourmeme.com/photos/388586-stahp

jdodson: What would happen if you actually took an arrow to the knee? Would you stop adventuring in video games?

panickedthumb: My hypothesis is that you knew I was going to answer "took an arrow to the knee" as my least favorite, and this question is purely baiting me. ;)

No, if anything else, it would make me game even more. It's not like I'm going for a run is it?

jdodson: What's the first thing you would do with a 3D printer?

panickedthumb: I would make this thing:

My wife thinks it's creepy though, so I'd have to keep it at work or something.

jdodson: I think its creepy if you don't like Spiders. So my Wife is out too on this one. Too bad I can hide it in a box, hopefully some kid doesn't come along an pin me for my non-alive spider fan thingy killing a student as I didn't open the Chamber of Secrets, I just kept a non-living spider in a box!

panickedthumb: I don't like spiders, but I still think it looks awesome. :)

jdodson: I imagine you have had some pretty bad experiences in video games. What one sticks out to you as being one of the worst.

panickedthumb: Losing my 100+ hour Final Fantasy VIII save file. I literally nearly cried. I feel like this question should have a longer, more detailed answer, but it's pretty self-explanatory.

jdodson: Wow, that sucks. My condolences. I can't say as I have lost a VG save... But one time in College I lost all my work as a Freshman. It mattered more to me then than it does now I think. After that I started my habit of backing everything up. Haven't lost anything yet.

panickedthumb: BACK UP EVERYTHING. Always. I can't stress this enough. If you don't
learn it before a disaster, you *will* learn it the hard way one day.

jdodson: In 6 words or less explain why we have 3 modern CG Chipmunk movies.

panickedthumb: Wait. We have three? I honestly had no idea. If I have to explain it though:

Kids have weird taste in movies.

Travis   Admin wrote on 11/16/2012 at 01:47am

Hey check it out! There I am again!

Jacob_Richardson wrote on 11/19/2012 at 05:39am

Panicked I can totally relate to your 100+ hours lost. When I was a kid my older brother (not the one on here) lost my memory card for playstation. Final fantasy 7-8-9, Chrono Cross, Legend Of Dragoon. The hundreds of rpgs on the console that I had 100+s of hours in and I lost them all. I was literally on the final boss in final fantasy 9 and I was on the second disc in Chrono Cross and disc 1 had been destroyed. Still to this day I haven't finished Chrono Cross because of this.

Travis   Admin wrote on 11/19/2012 at 03:18pm

I can't even imagine how crushed you must have felt. Ouch. That's really freakin' terrible. For me it was one game, but that's looks like years of your gaming life right there.

Jacob_Richardson wrote on 11/19/2012 at 11:02pm

Ya that's what I told him. That was like 2years of my life down the drain. I'd of loved to finish all of those games. There was so many amazing games on ps1. It had lived through going through the wash machine like 4 times before that. To lose it in such a way was horrible at the time.

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