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Path of Exile has been around for quite awhile. If you were in the closed beta it has been around now since 2012. If there is one thing that has always held players back from enjoying this game as a hardcore ARPG experience. It is that of desync.

Desync is when the information you send to the server is not the same as the information your client is reading. So you may walk around a rock to the left on your screen. The server says you walked around it to the right. Now you teleport back to before the rock so that the server can re-sync you to the information the server had on your last known location.

Well I recently received a beta key to their newest and biggest expansion ever done. I can finally say with certainty that desync has been fixed. The game feels really smooth. The expansion will come out of a closed beta late June or early July. Hope any of you that are ARPG lovers finally find something you enjoy playing.

http://www.oculusvr.com/. The first ever cost effective version of simulated VR to ever be developed. It's on kickstarter if you guys want to support it. It's the stepping stone to real and true virtual reality in the future. Take a few minutes of your time and watch that video.

So I was asked by Jdodson to give my thoughts and opinions on borderlands 2 after playing just about everything the game has to offer. I am a level 50. I've never cheated and played it duo with my cousin and we have everything. This has NO SPOILERS. It's simply an objective look at the game as a whole.

+Better Characters
+More Varied Environments
+Better Enemies
+More Challenging

-Change to the gun system (It's also a plus but let me describe it later in the review)
-A few broken new mechanics (completely objective)
-Not as much endgame as I feel was promised

So let's start off with characters. The characters this time around are quite humorous. Tiny Tina herself is plain hilarious. There are a lot more jokes this time around and their all truly "lol" worthy. The main disappointment in this is it seems some characters weren't given truly enough time to shine at how funnier they actually are. I'd of wished to hear more from ALL of the characters.

The environments are a thousand times better then borderlands 1 and in this genre. This is not a straight up comparison between things better then in 1. This adds variety to a seriously lacking environment feel for fps games lately. It's not just urban and post apocalyptic. It has a bit of everything.

Enemies are smarter, more strategic and plain tougher. This comes from a variety of new "movesets" some have to just plain out ridiculous attacks. This is great for those who truly enjoy one of the last good co op games left. Playing by yourself this might become more of a con.

For challenge see above. It's more scaled for multiple people this time around.


Now here is my biggest complaint. This will be somewhat hard to understand if you have not played the first one. Let me break it down some though. So they added new things that guns can have. Such as slag or multiple barrels. Many very awesome things. Now here is the bad. They tried to make the guns more unique but instead of creating ONLY new things to make the guns different. They took a LOT of the already existing properties and applied them to manufacturer type. This means you will not see auto pistols from the likes of the original borderlands. Rate of Fire and accuracy and all of those variables are tied into the manufacturer themselves, very heavily in-fact. Explosive guns? They are ALL torgue guns. You will never be able to find and explosive variant in the gun type you like the most. Me and my cousin talked very heavily on this and both decided that it was for the worst in terms of variety. This was a great plan and concept but, it needed to be applied to only new variables with the guns to not limit the new types available. What instead has happened is the new variables are what make up the gun differences and the old variables are now just the manufacturer.

Amp damage from certain shields has been a hot topic. I won't discuss the thing here because of spoilers but lets just say there is a shield that is very abusive and breaks the game. I side with those who want the best stuff and simply not using it is not really the solution I would have liked to see. Shotguns are also largely the main damaging gun just due to how their damage is calculated out.

I would have hoped to see a lot more post game bosses. However perhaps they will plan this only through the DLC. This may change in time but I simply would have liked to see it at the start before the DLC. Just a matter of preference.


Overall this is and amazingly well done co-op game and I had a blast playing through it with my cousin. No one who enjoys playing with their friends should pass this up. Games with as good a co op as this do not come along very often.

Harvest Moon and Rune Factory

I was introduced to the series at a young age. Before the age of online reviews and news about games everywhere. This allowed me to enjoy it for all that it is. Not be turned off by how lame it may sound on the outside. At their core both series are a farming simulator with light dating sim elements. Rune Factory also includes dungeon crawling. However, they have an addicting quality unlike any other games. You get hooked fast and find yourself playing them over and over. Some of them have near infinite replay ability.

Making a post about it in hopes that some people who have not yet given it a try will go out and try it. If you have played it or this causes you to try it then comment back about who you decided to marry and your experiences.

PS. Sorry Natsume and Rising Star do not make good trailers of the series. So the video is Japanese. However the games are not and if your interested go search for more gameplay videos.

List of games in series to try:

So I've decided to start up a discussion on all games japanese related. This is not to comment about anime or manga or characters. Just games. Talk about your favorite japanese games. Your games you were saddest never made it over seas. Or ones that are rare and that you'd Recommend.

I'll start with a few of my favorite series:
Super Robot Wars SRPG
Soma Bringer ARPG
Seiken Densetsu 3 ARPG (Secret/Legend of Mana 3 for you non japanese literate)
"Tales of" games and their offshoots. A/RPG hybrid

Honorable mention:
Uncharted Waters series (it really only remained popular in asia and still today is one of the best sea faring series of all time)

Aurora frozen in stars;
twinkling shimmering
off the glistening guns