12 years ago I got Warcraft III as a gift for Christmas. After I got it I immediately started playing it for the remainder of the holiday break. The game experience was so awesome for me that for the last few years around the holidays I have wanted to play Warcraft III again. Somehow when the Christmas tree goes up, my mind returns to Arthas epic struggle as a Paladin to Death Knight. I need to aquire Frostmorne and see his turn to a lieutenant of the Undead all the way to becoming their leader. Its just one of those odd things I associate with the holidays.

That all said, a few days ago I dusted off Warcraft III and have started playing though the campaign and have finished the human section and am starting on the Undead missions now. I remember how awesome it was to see Arthas turn 12 years ago and whereas the game looks a bit aged now, its still fun and all I remember loving about it is still present. I like the story of the Human Campaign but as a race, they are my least favorite.

The game is fairly inexpensive now as you can get the Warcraft III Battle Chest for less than $20 and if you like strategy games you could do worse. The game editor spawned many tower defense maps and one such map, Defense of the Ancients of DoTA started an entirely new genre of MOBA games seen in such greats as League of Legends and DoTA 2.

So ho, ho, ho and all that Undead awesomeness, because its Christmas and time for some Warcraft III.

Travis   Admin wrote on 12/26/2012 at 03:53am

It's impressive that you can still buy it new 12 years later for more than bargain bin prices. That's staying power.

I have a similar association with the Spider Man game that came out around the same time as the first movie, but actually based on the comics. I didn't expect to like it, but I was so into it. Every time I'm visiting my parents for Christmas, the music pops into my head.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 12/26/2012 at 04:09am

Blizzard games seem to keep Dat price tag for longer than most. Plus they are still fun, years later.

Tungsten wrote on 12/27/2012 at 02:27pm

Diablo II Battle Chest: $19.99 on Amazon. That game came out in 2000.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 12/27/2012 at 04:45pm

Yep. People still playing it too. I never really fell for Diablo 2, but it still has a pretty large following.

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