Supergiant games, creators of Bastion and Transistor, have just announced the third game in their increasingly stunning catalog. According to their site, Pyre is a party-based RPG in which you lead a band of exiles to freedom through an ancient competition spread across a vast, mystical purgatory.

The trailer looks amazing, and very reminiscent of Transistor, with maybe a slight nod to the likes of The Banner Saga. Anyone going to PAX East this year will be able to see it, first hand (booth #8212).

Due on PS4 and Steam in 2017.

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74c46166202d8f4ef1a74e511e278b05.png? cheerful ghost Travis wrote on 04/21/2016 at 02:31am
And PC, thankfully.

83129b8368dc8a6e0a086346d52d45fd08c4576d full scrypt wrote on 04/21/2016 at 02:21pm
Updated. Sorry about that. Thanks, Travis!
83129b8368dc8a6e0a086346d52d45fd08c4576d full scrypt wrote on 04/21/2016 at 02:21pm
And, yes, you do need to finish Transistor.
D954c245b9b17eb70ef2a7f547d392a9d148df97 full jdodson wrote on 04/22/2016 at 02:53am
For whatever reason, I wasn't hooked on Bastion so I haven't picked up Transistor. I will give it at shot someday if it's in a bundle or maybe if it's on sale this holiday.

OK I just watched that and damn does it look pretty. That said, what kind of game is this? From the once through I couldn't tell. I also didn't love the singing but everything else was on point!
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