If you're Garry (of Garry's Mod fame...) and you like DayZ, but hate a few key points about the game, what do you do? Well, the logical answer to that question is "Make your own Zombie Survival, Sandbox, PVP game with a healthy dose of Minecraft" and that's exactly what he did.

Rust throws you into a very familiar environment in terms of "EVERYTHING CAN AND WILL KILL YOU, OH MY GOD." For the moment, there are zombies (these are apparently getting pulled out at some point...), animals, and the most terrifying of all: other players.

So what makes Rust stand out from DayZ? Largely the minecraft piece makes it really enjoyable to play. In DayZ, if you died... that was it, you started from scratch all over again and you were lucky if you had some gear stashed somewhere that you could survive long enough to get to. In Rust, you're able to build your own base. Now, keep in mind that bases aren't impervious, and people can generally ruin your day if they're dedicated. You can also craft weapons and weapon mods in what is a pretty simple system (once you get it down...)

If you're into emergent gameplay, PVP, and dealing with a game that is squarely in the alpha phase of it's development, you should give Rust a shot. I find it very enjoyable.

Travis   Admin wrote on 01/04/2014 at 04:59pm

I'm interested in Rust, but not yet. I'm waiting for the possibility of medium-core servers, or something to that effect. The first time all my hard work gets ruined by someone trashing my base and looting everything is the exact moment when I ragequit and never play it again.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 01/05/2014 at 12:07am

Thanks for posting this.

The idea of Rust is interesting but I am not sure as it stands now, is that compelling. I think at some point when it hits 1.0 I might check it out though. I am really interested in a game that could nail survival and the cut throat nature of a world where you need to do what you must to live. I really enjoy post-apocalyptic fiction and haven't found a game that really nails that well in terms of having you feel like things are scarce and you have to do nutty things to live.

Jason_Taylor   Post Author wrote on 01/08/2014 at 07:01pm

Garry just did an interview with PC gamer that illustrates a few points better than I did.

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