Rust assigns players a skin color on character creation, then ties it to their Steam account so they can never change it. This game design decision creates diversity in the player base and has forced many players to play as characters of an ethnicity different from their own. Since the game does not censor players' language, many of these players are hearing themselves called racial insults for the first time. While uncomfortable, this experience also pushes players who might normally be oblivious to those issues (or even participate in them) to consider things from a different perspective.

I find this super interesting. I don't know if I am actually interested in the... Read All
If you're Garry (of Garry's Mod fame...) and you like DayZ, but hate a few key points about the game, what do you do? Well, the logical answer to that question is "Make your own Zombie Survival, Sandbox, PVP game with a healthy dose of Minecraft" and that's exactly what he did.

Rust throws you into a very familiar environment in terms of "EVERYTHING CAN AND WILL KILL YOU, OH MY GOD." For the moment, there are zombies (these are apparently getting pulled out at some point...), animals, and the most terrifying of all: other players.

So what makes Rust stand out from DayZ? Largely the minecraft piece makes it really enjoyable to play. In DayZ, if you died... that was it,... Read All