Sup CheerfulGhosters,

Our Terraria server has been a huge success I think. I've had a lot of fun seeing the houses everyone has built and fighting monsters with you guys. And I dunno about you, but I've ended up with a ton of new loot exploring and mining. :D

There's two things I'd like to run past you guys. First up, while exploring the underworld I found the item necessary to spawn the Wall of Flesh boss character ( We have a little over a week left on our server and I think it would be fun to try and kill this thing and put our world into Hardmode before we're done. However, this is not something I'll do unless it's cool with you guys and if you think we're all ready for Hardmode. Having said that...

I know some of the players on our server are not as well equipped as others. I'd like to help solve that. Both @jdodson and I have the items needed to spawn multiple Eater of Worlds boss characters ( He's surprisingly easy, and this would be a good chance for some of our lesser equipped players to get the resources necessary to craft some higher level weapons, armor, and other gear. I'd like to set up a night or two to farm the boss and help you guys get better equipped. :) So let me know in the comments when would be a good time for all of you to meet up and kill us some bosses!

Also, anytime I'm on I'm more than willing to help anyone out with whatever they need. I know looking for loot underground or in the underground jungle is pretty tricky for new characters and I'd be more than happy to come along and help you guys look for life crystals, treasure boxes, or whatever else you want to go looking for. :)

jdodson   Admin wrote on 08/03/2012 at 04:20am

I am up for hardmode but I want more people to chime in before we drop the bomb on that one.

Ill just toss out a date and time of next Monday @ 8pm PST.

Tungsten wrote on 08/03/2012 at 05:14am

I'm in for the Eater of Worlds boss. I can't guarantee a time, but I can always try.

Travis   Admin wrote on 08/03/2012 at 02:29pm

Thanks to fighting EoW with you a couple nights ago, I have actually fought him about 20 more times in my own personal world (so as not to destroy people's houses with meteor strikes in the CG world). I'm to the point now where I need to start farming hellstone and really build out my endgame gear. So I would be totally cool with doing this soon.

HOWEVER. I would suggest before we take on the wall of flesh, Jon should make a copy of the world as it is right before we do that and send it to all who are interested in keeping it. Since some majorly destructive things can happen post-WoF, it would be nice to have a clean happy world to go to just in case.

As for the EoW, if I'm on for any of those I'll help out to speed things up, and I can make some of the items needed to spawn him too if needed. But as for the loot, I really don't need it. In fact, if you check the "leave a penny, take a penny" chests, I dropped some demonite and shadow scales in there because I literally have no need for them. So I'll join the fight and give away any demonite and shadow scales that I manage to pick up.

WBS, you seem to have the most experience here (I think). What kind of gear do you recommend before jumping to the post-crisis world? I'll work on getting that ready.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 08/03/2012 at 03:02pm

Hmmm if the wall of flesh could mess up the world in hard mode then maybe we should spawn a few days before the server ends. Ill snapshot it before and afterward.

Also if meteorite strikes happen more, we can add layers of dirt above us to protect from the strikes. That might work.

I am shutting off the server next Friday so lets say we spawn it next Wed the 8th?

Travis   Admin wrote on 08/03/2012 at 03:24pm

I'm cool with any time after this weekend, to give me some time to get molten armor and a badass sword. Maybe the one that requires you to destroy all your other badass swords in the process. That's a lot of work, but sounds fun!

Travis   Admin wrote on 08/03/2012 at 03:24pm

Beyond loot, everyone should try to get full health and mana before then as well.

Timogorgon   Member   Post Author wrote on 08/03/2012 at 05:37pm

I think I have the most hours clocked in to Terraria, but most of that was a long time ago before most of this stuff was added. The vast majority of my gear all comes from oir server. So I've never been to a hardmode world before, so I'm new to this as well. As far as gear goes Molten armor is going to be the best defense wise. I think phase blades or grass blades will be the best craftable weapons, but you might be able to find better stuff in the dungeon or underworld. If you can afford it, the minishark gun from the arms dealer is really good and a lot of fun.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 08/04/2012 at 01:01am

Awesome, then unless anyone objects, lets do the boss Wed eve round 8pm PST. That work for everyone? Maybe bump it earlier if you can't do that Travis?

vdogmr25 wrote on 08/04/2012 at 01:30am

I'm up for Wednesday, but I'll need to hop in at some point for the eater of worlds. I'll probably be on every evening through monday.

Travis   Admin wrote on 08/05/2012 at 12:03am

I've been reading up on prep, and I'm going to start preparing the world for the change, if anyone wants to join. Certainly get yourself prepared first. Defeating WoF creates an X in the world, one arm being corruption, the other being hallow, and the two spread VERY fast. In order to halt that we should have a sizable gap all around it. There's still the chance that the X will totally take out our town, in which case this is pointless, but if not we can breath easier.

So when you exit/enter town *BE CAREFUL* because there's going to be a gap. You will fall to your death without a golden horseshoe. I also recommend finding a magic mirror in case you do fall (and have the horseshoe to survive) so you can get back up quickly.

Also, for town itself, I'm going to put a few layers of brick down at ground level just in case the X spawns within the gap. While that won't necessarily stop it, it may give us a little longer to mitigate.

I recommend putting a few essentials in your bank, just in case.

Travis   Admin wrote on 08/05/2012 at 06:46am

So I have the 10-block-wide trenches dug all around our important stuff. No light or way to get back up yet, so use caution. I need to see if the corruption/hallow can travel across wooden platforms.

The grounds of our town are now brick to fortify us against the corruption/hallow menace. I also went around every important building/area if it was underground. Stuff above ground *should* be safe, depending on where the X lands. If I missed anything, it's just basic gray brick if you want to add your own fortification.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 08/06/2012 at 01:27am

First off, love the stone around the Village. It really make it feel like more of a cobblestone like area. I really like it.

I also like the HUGE drops now and hollowed area around the village, it gives everything WAY more scale. Does this protect us from corruption? Makes sense that it would, can't travel through air. :)

I am ready for the server drop, someone kindly gave me a few hearts :) and now I am maxed out. Totally love how much time weve all put into the game, it really feels like we have accomplished a lot!

Timogorgon   Member   Post Author wrote on 08/06/2012 at 05:18pm

Yeah the brick is awesome, it makes our town look really cool. There's a guide to containing the corruption/hallow which can be found here:

I don't think containment should be a huge concern outside of our starting village (don't want to wreck our houses) because the server isn't going to be active much longer after hardmode is started.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 08/06/2012 at 05:42pm

Hey all, let's pop the Wall of Flesh / hardmode Thursday at 8p PST. Does that work for everyone?

Travis   Admin wrote on 08/06/2012 at 06:39pm

8 PST is a little late for me. 7 or 7:30 is good if it's manageable for you west-coast types.

Timogorgon   Member   Post Author wrote on 08/06/2012 at 07:02pm

Normally anything before 8pm is too early for me (kids don't go to bed before 8) but this week they'll be away at summer camp, so I can get on anytime after 6pm PST.

Tungsten wrote on 08/06/2012 at 07:11pm

It might work for me, but it does kind of depend on the kid. I'll try, but don't wait for me.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 08/06/2012 at 07:18pm

Ok so let's do this Thursday at 6.30pm PST. That work well for everyone?

Travis   Admin wrote on 08/07/2012 at 12:42am

That's fantastic for me. Gives us a chance to kill him a bunch if we're so inclined. I can get rid of all my voodoo dolls. And not accidentally spawn him. Not like anyone would ever do anything like that.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 08/07/2012 at 01:16am


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