by Snood, LLC

Developed by Snood, LLC

Snood is one of the most popular puzzle games in the World! It’s great family fun! You need to save the Snoods by grouping three or more of the same kind together. Unconnected Snoods are also saved. Launching Snoods increases the Danger Bar and when it fills up, the screen moves down. If a Snood touches the bottom, the game ends.

LGR has a great video out that showcases Snood, a crazy popular Puzzle Bobble / Bust-A-Move clone that dropped in the 90's and was very popular even in to the 2000's era. It was created at the height of the shareware craze and was brought from it's early Mac version to PC, GBA, DS and most recently iOS. I remember many people at University that played Snood but it wasn't something I wanted to really play. I'd played Puzzle Bobble and other games like it before and I think what initially turned me off to it wasn't really the game itself. It was introduced to me by someone I didn't personally like at University and I think that initial introduction to the game soured me... Read All