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Fans have been asking Blizzard to get an "appear offline" mode in the Battle.net client for ages and they are finally brining that feature forward in beta. Steam has had it for ages, which is nice when you want to jump on and play a game without anyone bothering you or knowing about it. Sneaky!

"Appear offline allows you to set your status to show you as “offline” to your Blizzard friends while remaining connected to Battle.net. This means you can launch the app and game away without distraction.

Appearing offline will show you as offline to everyone in your Blizzard friends list. Once you have joined a game, the experience of appearing offline might be slightly... Read All

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StarCraft Remastered launched today giving players the ability to play this classic LAN staple in 4K HD! One nice feature of the new StarCraft update is the amazing new graphics and also that you can play it alongside the original remastered and totally free to play version. Blizzard also added StarCraft to the Battle.net client and also made logging in to multiplayer in StarCraft us the new Battle.net sign-in interface. StarCraft still uses Classic Battle.net after that but you sign on with the new Battle.net and then it stores your old Battle.net credentials in the new client making you only have to sign in once. If that doesn't make sense then head in to StarCraft... Read All

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As part of the upcoming StarCraft remastered release Blizzard dropped an updated version of Classic StarCraft with revamped Battle.net classic support, LAN play and a modern build that works on newer systems. Recently I downloaded StarCraft on my PC and Mac and tried it out and put simply, Blizzard did an amazing job porting this classic game to modern systems.

If you are looking for a version of StarCraft with updated visuals you might want to wait for StarCraft Remastered that is coming this summer. If you are looking for a modern build of the classic game with a streamlined interface that works incredibly well on modern systems for free you should check this out.... Read All

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The rumors were true and StarCraft & Broodwar are currently being remastered by Blizzard for a PC & Mac release this summer. This looks to be a full remastering of the original game with new crisp HD art and an updated engine for modern LAN and Internet gameplay. Next week Blizzard will drop an update to the original StarCraft game to get ready for the remastered version this summer:

"In preparation for StarCraft: Remastered, Blizzard Entertainment will update StarCraft: Brood War later this week to version 1.18. The update will include bug fixes and improvements, including the ability to rebind keys; observer mode; modern anti-cheat measures; compatibility... Read All

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iNews24, a news organization in Korea, has reported that Blizz is giving us a shiny coat of paint for the original Starcraft.

This isn't a tabloid or anything, it's a respected source, but they don't have any official confirmation from Blizzard on it yet.

Reportedly, it will keep the same gameplay, but have new graphics and better resolution. No more 800x600 max!

This move would make a ton of sense for Blizzard since the game is still popular, and I'm hoping for the same treatment for Diablo II and Warcraft III.

Source: http://kotaku.com/report-blizzard-releasing-starcraft-hd-1784863397

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Polygon has a really great article that covers the history of the infamous Blizzard game StarCraft: Ghost. Ghost was a game that was aimed at consoles and featured stealth gameplay starring the Ghost character Nova. I remember hearing quite a big of buzz about the game and as with many upcoming Blizzard games, I was really interested in playing it. Eventually Blizzard stopped talking about the game entirely and then we found out the game wasn't in active development but never properly cancelled. Up until now we didn't know much as to why the game was scrapped but Polygon has a very well written article that covers the story of Ghost from conception to it changing... Read All

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YouTube animator CarbotAnimations recently created "Starcrafts" a series of cartoon shorts based on Starcraft. They are released every Saturday and have 10 episodes already!

Linking to them all because you have to watch them all, they are that awesome!

Episode 3 Mini Marine:

Episode 4 Zerg BM:

Episode 5 Choked Up:

Episode 6 A Hellion of Harras:

Episode 7 Roach Approach:

A Thank you... Read All

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