Epic Madden 13 Intro. I put the disk in, fired it up and was totally not expecting to see something like this! So rad!

Just barely started the game. Lost an online game 24-21 and started a Coaching Career, but the EA servers were down for most of the time, so I didn't do a lot. But, it looks so good! Gonna be playing this a lot!

In anticipation of the actual game (already pre-ordered! Can't wait for the 28th!), I've downloaded the Madden 13 demo.

One feature I was really interested in checking out was the new physics engine, called the Madden Infinity Engine. In the past, when Madden players interacted with each other (tackling, hitting, catching the ball, etc), what was shown was a preset animation. Now there were very many of these animations, so it looked great, but it wasn't always "perfect."

Now, thanks to Madden's Infinity Engine, the players truly interact with each other. Speed, momentum, mass and body parts are all melded into a unique action. The animations are limitless, and usually... Read All


Just got more excited about this game! Kinect voice commands! Now I'll be able to sound like a real QB calling out audibles. Rock on.

I always wait a few years before checking out a sports game, because they're generally the same year to year, but I'm looking forward to this one, to see the new changes.

Supposedly, the sound is going to be dramatically improved, from the commentators, to the crowd noises, to the quarterback audibles. The passing game has been refined with better ball placement of your throw, different throwing styles (a new shovel pass should be interesteing) and over 430 catching animations. There should also be better and truer AI. Defensive players will react to the ball if they're looking in that direction, but won't psychically know where to run to.

For all the known updates check... Read All