StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

Released on March 12, 2013 by Blizzard Entertainment

Developed by Blizzard Entertainment

Heart of the Swarm continues the story of StarCraft II: the conflict between the humanoid terrans, the ravenous zerg, and the psionic protoss. As these races struggle, the specter of alien gods threatens to sweep aside what fragile stability still exists in the galaxy.
Blizzard recently posted a two part interview with the Starcraft 2 creative team and I wanted to share a few interesting bits. I am excited about Heart of the Swarm and I am still awaiting my beta invite. And if anyone from Blizzard reads this, I would certainly love a beta key!

Some of these questions drop game lore which may contain some kind of spoilers.

Question: How do units like the mutalisk and banshee fly in space if there is no air?

Answer: Another great question that has been the subject of internal debate, hair pulling, and furniture throwing. Basically, mutas produce a gas that pushes against their own mass as it’s excreted. Even in a vacuum, this causes... Read All
Blizzard dropped the news today that Heart of the Swarm will enter multiplayer beta "very soon." I enjoy the Zerg quite a bit and am looking forward to the single player game. Wings of Liberty was very well done and I anticipate Heart of the Swarm to be just as good or better! I know, perhaps my expectations are too high for a post Diablo 3 Blizzard? I certainly hope not.

Relevant bits from the blog:

"We are preparing to invite testers for the Heart of the Swarm beta very soon! To be clear, this test will be for the multiplayer experience only. We will begin with a select group, including many players who assisted us in testing Patch 1.5, as well as some pro-gamers and... Read All

Blizzard recently let loose the information on the units they were adding to Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm. Blizzard is adding a few units to each race and also removing units as well. Expansions typically add to the mix, they don't remove. That said, it will give people a reason to return to the Wings of Liberty game. I wonder if different events will have Heart of the Swarm tournaments as well as Wings of Liberty? I wonder how the games will differ in balancing? Oh well, interesting to say the least.

A few units getting the cut in Heart of the Swarm:

"In the current design of Heart of the Swarm, the protoss are not able to deploy Motherships and Carriers, though... Read All

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