StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

Released on March 12, 2013 by Blizzard Entertainment

Developed by Blizzard Entertainment

Heart of the Swarm continues the story of StarCraft II: the conflict between the humanoid terrans, the ravenous zerg, and the psionic protoss. As these races struggle, the specter of alien gods threatens to sweep aside what fragile stability still exists in the galaxy.

Bear with me people, Starcraft: Heart of the Swarm was released and apparently I love it. Apparently I like sharing bits related to it that I find awesome. So yeah, Starcraft.

PC Gamer covered the HoTS launch with a few videos that are pretty awesome. The one above featured above features the actor that played the voice of Jim Raynor. They also posted a longer video that covered more of the launch event you can watch below.!

"I won't give up on you Starcraft, so don't give up on us!"

Starcrafts created a Heart of the Swarm parody trailer I found very cool. Pair it up with the actual trailer and I think you will find it is much less dark. Fun to see this kind of thing get made.

Cut to the chase, Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm is a worthy successor to Wings of Liberty. Is it perfect? Nope. But it's really damn good.

Install/Collectors Edition

Ok so I bought the Collectors Edition and made the video above to show it off a bit. I nabbed the ol' Blizzard battle chests back in the day and then the collectors editions for Starcraft II, Diablo III and now Heart of the Swarm. I have never felt like any Blizzard collectors edition wasn't worth it and this is no exception. It is very similar to the Wings of Liberty Collectors except Heart of the Swarm contains a few more digital goodies and the Zerg Rush mouse pad. Looking forward to tearing through... Read All
I love opening collectors editions. Listening to the soundtrack right now. More as it develops.

Kind of ends on a cliff hanger.


"In the third of our three StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm preview videos, Community Manager Cloaken takes a look at how eSports looks to be evolving with the coming expansion, the look and feel of the multiplayer game, ladder play, and more."

Coupled with the majority of Indie Kickstarter and Greenlight games, I add SC2: Heart of the Swarm to my most anticipated games in 2013 list. Next month can't come fast enough!

Who else is going to pick this up at launch? Bueller, Bueller...

Blizzard released a video showing off the new UI for Heart of the Swarm and how you can go about playing the game. Starting with training, to playing with bots the game works to ease you in to getting you in the game.

Very excited to see this drop next month!

To keep the run up to the release of Heart of the Swarm going, Blizzard released another video covering the new social features. Being able to create an in game group or clan is a pretty fun idea. I plan on creating one for Cheerful Ghost for the people that will be playing this at launch.

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