StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

Released on March 12, 2013 by Blizzard Entertainment

Developed by Blizzard Entertainment

Heart of the Swarm continues the story of StarCraft II: the conflict between the humanoid terrans, the ravenous zerg, and the psionic protoss. As these races struggle, the specter of alien gods threatens to sweep aside what fragile stability still exists in the galaxy.

Wanted to share the next rad video from Carbot Animations. This one is fun because I just played a few matches and totally owned the Air with the Corruptor. Takes a bit to get out but once you have a few its GG for most other air units.

Make sure you checkout my recent interview with Carbot Animations Jon Burton:

Seems to be that some companies are filling the gaming lull by releasing epic game trailers and as Blizzard just dropped the opening Cinematic for Heart of the Swarm. As the Cinematic played out I was like "What is going on, in Wings of Liberty she..." and then they did that switcheroo at the end which was awesome.

Blizzard storylines contain pretty similar elements I've noticed. In Warcraft you had Arthas who was corrupted by the Undead and became Litch King. You have a similar story in Diablo III. In Starcraft Kerrigan is corrupted by the Zerg. This is a first time that I know of in Blizzard-dom where such a corrupted character might become good again. Blizzard seems... Read All
Hello Friends,

I totally dig Starcraft. So much so that I pre-ordered the Collectors Edition of Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm. The collectors edition packs in the game soundtrack, making of DVD/BluRay, art book and other digital bits. A week or so before the launch of Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm I plan on doing a video un-boxing of all my Collector Edition's to share with everyone.

That said, since I pre-ordered the game I was given access to the beta and decided to take it for a spin. They are only making the multi-player aspect of Heart of the Swarm available for Beta customers so I won't be able to comment on the Single Player until game launch in March. That... Read All

Our friends over at Starcrafts cooked up a fun Christmas special!

If you haven't tried Starcraft 2 yet, I recommend you get the Starter Edition:

Not only is it free, but Blizzard has opened up even more multiplayer maps in this version. The cool feature? You can play multiplayer with people that have the full edition! @panickedthumb and I have been talking about playing SC2 for the next game event because of this, so download the starter edition and give it a shot!

The latest Starcrafts Episode is a promo for the North American Starcraft League. As I was watching the video on the YouTube page I noticed this comment:

"Why did the Infestor fall down the stairs?

because its imbalanced

ZING! :D Good one Fenix855!

New Starcrafts cartoon short released, linked above. So many times I was foiled by that lone air unit when the brunt of my army had no anti-air. This is why I am not a pro Starcraft player. Fun game though.

Continuing with the Starcraft 2 dev Q&A Blizzard recently posted Part 7:

I thought this question and answer were particularly interesting(yeah, I sort of follow the Starcraft lore and all that):

"Question: Are Tassadar and the Overmind one now?"

"Answer: Not now, no. But something like the Overmind does not die instantly. Some synapses may fire for a time as it fades away. And at the moment of impact for both of these... Read All

The hits keep rolling from the guys over at CarbotAnimations. If you dig what they are making, they are now selling TSHIRTS and also have a video showcasing how an episode evolves over time.


StarCrafts Speed Animation 1:

Two new Starcrafts Animations. Episode 12 "She's The Bomb" above and Episode 13 "Spore Loser" you can watch here:

For Aiur!

Blizzard just dropped the release date Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm! I actually mark game release dates on my calendar and March 12, 2013 will be no different.

This release is a bit different from past Blizzard releases as they are not only releasing a physical collectors edition but also a digital deluxe version to include:

Digital Deluxe:

  • Heart of the Swarm for PC and Mac

  • Torrasque Ultralisk skin, 3 Portraits, and 3 decals in Starcraft II

  • A Baneling pet in World of Warcraft

  • Blade Wings & Banner Sigil in Diablo III

Collectors Edition:

  • Heart of the Swarm for PC... Read All
Looks like Blizz is giving the UI for Starcraft 2 some love in the new game Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm in addition to the major 1.5 update of the interface.

Still not in the Beta for Heart of the Swarm... Seems like I am on a "no-fly"/no beta list with Blizzard for not taking part in the Litch King beta when I had it...

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