StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

Released on March 12, 2013 by Blizzard Entertainment

Developed by Blizzard Entertainment

Heart of the Swarm continues the story of StarCraft II: the conflict between the humanoid terrans, the ravenous zerg, and the psionic protoss. As these races struggle, the specter of alien gods threatens to sweep aside what fragile stability still exists in the galaxy.

This Starcrafts video was released in tandem with the recent Starcraft II spawn support.

Also wanted to let you know that Tomorrow a few Cheerful Ghoster's and I are playing Starcraft II and if you want to join us feel free. You don't need to buy the game as you can download the Starter Edition and play with us that way.

Starcraft was a staple of my ol' LAN parties and to get everyone playing the game we occasionally spawned copies of it on people's machines that didn't have the game. Some have lamented this loss but it seems today Blizzard is bringing this back.

Starcraft II has had the starter edition for quite some time, which allows you to play as Terran on a few maps and also allows cross play with your friends that own the full game. Up till now, all the Heart of the Swarm maps and units were unavailable if you wanted to play with your starter edition friends until now.

The video above showcases how it works, simply start a game with starter edition friend and you get all the... Read All

I don't play with Reaper's much but after watching this I totally want to. This one is pretty funny. I like the end with him jumping up and then the Protoss shield, heh.

New Starcrafts season just dropped a few days ago. Coolest part? New episodes every Saturday.

I also Interviewed Starcrafts creator Jon Burton a while ago, check it out if you haven't yet.

Starcrafts Season 2 will begin April 27th and each episode will drop on Saturdays. Looking forward to the new season and since I dig zerg, the new focus should be awesome :D
Blizzard recently celebrated the 15 year anniversary of Starcraft. And in other news, I feel very old.

"Following its release on March 31, 1998, StarCraft warped millions of us through time and space to the 25th century, where we explored the unruly Koprulu Sector for the first time. We built armies and brought ruin to countless enemy bases as we helped the terrans, protoss, and zerg wage war against each other. The release of StarCraft: Brood War just nine months later saw the Queen of Blades become one of the most iconic villains of all time, and the popularization of professional StarCraft competition in South Korea....

Blizzards post gives a good brief of Starcraft... Read All

PC Gamer keeps dropping the interviews they gave on the SC2: Heart of the Swarm launch. Sam Didier or Samwise as been an artist at Blizzard for quite sometime. He has a really unique art style that isn't seen a ton in the video game industry and its cool to hear his perspective on the game. He also does a very good Zegara impression.

So I beat the single player missions of Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm. This time I put it away in less than a week, which is a personal best. I drew out Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty to take 2 weeks to complete because I wanted to savor the game more. I can't say which experience was better, but I am a bit biased to Heart of the Swarm. Not sure if its because it was a better single player experience or because I just played it.

tone & story

Tonally the two flow well together. Wings of Liberty single player might be a tighter game and overall a bit better experience but Heart of the Swarm takes it up a few notches. All said, I really appreciate the ambition of... Read All

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