Hotline Miami is one of the best indie games to come out in the last 10 years and if you wanted to know more about it's development NoClip has released a documentary about it. The retrospective covers both games in the series along with the critiques of Hotline Miami 2.

Do you love Half-life AND Hotline Miami and ever wonder what a mashup between them would be like? If you are like me then then answer is whaaaa? but that doesn't mean that Thomas Kole's latest game isn't something worth checking out. Half-line Miami is available to download on PC for free, just hit the link below. Or should you bludgeon the link below with a crowbar? It's up to you.

The Hotline Miami Story is a cool new documentary about everyones favorite ultra violent 2D action game. The documentary features the creators of Hotline Miami Jonathan & Dennis as well as people on the publishing side at Devolver Digital. If you have heard of the game and are interested in learning more about it or a hardcore fan, I recommend you watch The Hotline Miami Story embedded above.

"In October 2012 independent video game developers Jonathan Söderström and Dennis Wedin dropped Hotline Miami, a surreal and violent 2D PC game inspired by iconic filmmaker David Lynch and the 2011 film Drive. In just a few months it became the surprise hit of 2012, selling... Read All

We all love awesome speedruns and I recently read an article that collected some of the best i've seen yet. The video linked above is of a incredible Hotline Miami speedrun that completes the game in 20:07. This is a pretty interesting speedrun as they seem to only exploit a game glitch once to complete a level.

I played Hotline Miami after I picked it up in a Humble Bundle and really enjoyed it. The story was interesting and vague and after playing the game I had a sense the main character was schizophrenic. The game was both violent and also self reflective about it. Oh and the music was top notch too.

Hotline Miami 2 should be out sometime this year and I can't wait to head back in and stomp some faces Drive style. (warning, this is a pretty intense clip from Drive)
Hotline Miami was the main reason I picked up the Humble Bundle 8. I heard good things about it, but for whatever reason didn't pick it up till it came with the recent Humble Bundle. I think I can describe Hotline Miami best as "The Drive move video game." I don't mean that in a negative way, Hotline Miami is excellent as is the Ryan Gosling film.

The story is really interesting and like some indie games, doesn't lay itself out in a way that is easily accessible. Since the games story isn't entirely straight forward you can interpret it in a number of ways. The Hotline Miami story is a kind of 80's movie where the main character appears to be schizophrenic. At least,... Read All