Mortal Kombat X released this week on PC and the consoles and to the amusement of fans it shipped with some pretty gruesome fatalities. Someone collected all the fatalities and released them in a video I linked above. Some people are saying these fatalities go too far and I see where people are coming from but consider this. When I was my young 90's self I was absolutely shocked and amazed watching Sub-Zero rip out someones spine. Mortal Kombat X has really amped up the gore here and like the Mortal Kombat of the past it pushes some buttons.

Are these new fatalities too much or are they a modern homage to a classic series?

It's a pre-rendered fight scene but even if the game looks half that good with some of the mechanics they showed, it should be fun. I played a bit of the latest Mortal Kombat incarnation and I was a pretty big fan.

Hopefully it skims a nice balance between doing service to the old characters and game as well as bringing something new to the table.

The game will ship in 2015 on PS3, PS4, 360, XBox One and PC.