If you haven't seen Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse, this trailer won't make sense to you, so go watch it, it's good. It's sequel now has a trailer, although the release date is October 7, 2022. It's a long way out, so this trailer comes as a surprise, but I thought I'd share it anyway.

I think it's interesting that Sony is exploring the Spider-Verse, which they introduced in Into the Spider-Verse. I didn't think much of it then, because the MCU had barely mentioned the multi-verse, but it's more interesting now that the MCU has gone full blown into the multi-verse. I think it leaves open a great opportunity for the Sony/MCU Spider-Man universe to collide with this... Read All

Check out the new trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home! It looks amazing! It gives us a clearer picture about what's going on. Peter has asked Dr. Strange if he could cast a spell to make the world forget that he is Spider-Man. Unfortunately, the spell goes awry and it seems it's cause villains from other Spider-Man movies to appear such as Doc Oc, Electro, Green Goblin, Sand Man, and the Lizard. This trailer is action-packed and it seems he even has to fight Dr. Strange. Strange told him that these villains died in their universe fighting Spider-Man and he has to send them back. He doesn't want to doom them again, but he "can't save them all." It's rumored that the... Read All

I’ve been curious how the story of Spider-Man No Way Home would work with Doctor Strange and the multi-verse. After the first trailer dropped I’m no longer wondering how it will work I just want to watch the movie already.

Spider-Man & Doctor Strange will both try and alter reality this winter ONLY in theaters on December 17th.

Marques Brownlee has a new video out that unboxes the Playstation 5 and all of the launch peripherals so if you are interested to know what to expect when you get the PS5 you need to watch this! No surprise that the main PS5 unit itself is quite tall compared the PS4 and even the XBox Series X.

The new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer isn't new by any stretch but I decided to post it here after Avengers: Endgame has had more time at the box office because this new trailer contains more than a few Endgame spoilers. I'm not going to talk about the implications of the trailer here, but if you want to discuss all of that, let's have at it in the comments.

All that said, I wasn't sure if I was going to be interested in the MCU in a post Endgame world and it seems from this trailer, I am. I'm not sure if this is an opening night film, but something I will want to see in theaters for sure. What about you?

The official teaser for Spider-Man: Far From Home dropped today spoiling Avengers Endgame... a bit. But then again did anyone think all of the snap was permanent? Looks like Spider-Man is back and this time IN EUROPE! Originally I thought Far From Home would be a story where Spider-Man was out there in space somewhere trying to get home. You know, a cosmic "road trip" movie but apparently it's Spider-Man in Europe. Which is... kind of neat but if you consider where he goes in Infinity War, Europe isn't really that far from his home. More like Spider-Man: At Least We're On Earth This Time So It's Cool.

All that said, trailer looks fun, same tone as Homecoming which is a... Read All

We covered quite a lot of E3 2018 discussion this year and with all of it I wasn't sure there was much more to learn. Metal Jesus was at this years E3 and he recorded a lot of it showcasing another side of E3 we didn't hear much about. Jesus and Kinsey first hit up a retro Japanese import store then head over to E3 to spend time with vendors selling retro gear such as RetreoN. I didn't know RetreoN was selling a new Atari remake and Jesus got a review unit so when he posts his review i'll share it. Jesus also hits up the Sony booth and it seems like he really likes the new Spider-Man game(not too surprising).

If you are finding more wrap up E3 videos or posts that you... Read All

I don't own a PS4 and don't plan to buy one but I hold a special place in my heart for Sony as I was a happy PS3 owner until mine died a couple years ago. They seem to be doing a great job of collecting the hardcore console audience and the console exclusives seem interesting to fans. I watched the conference tonight and if you are interested in seeing what Sony is up to you should too. I'll drop some interesting bits of that conference below and if you have something I didn't note let me know in the comments.

In the beginning there was Banjo: The whole stream started off with an old dude playing a banjo and it sounded awesome. I also liked how the Sony conference... Read All