Into The Breach

by Subset Games

Developed by Subset Games

Control powerful mechs from the future to defeat an alien threat. Each attempt to save the world presents a new randomly generated challenge in this turn-based strategy game.

Into the Breach is the upcoming turn based strategy mech vs monsters game from Subset Games the creators of the Indie mega hit Faster Than Light. They dropped the new recently that the games is coming to Windows on Steam, GOG and Windows store on February 27th! I imagine the game will get a Mac and Linux port at some point but it looks like the first release of the game will be Windows only. If you want to know more about the game you absolutely must watch the video above of the developer Justin Ma giving a talk about the game and how they approached it's design. It's a really great behind the scenes talk on how they created the game and their focus on... Read All

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Into the Breach is the upcoming turn based Robots vs Monsters strategy game by the creators of FTL. Recently PC Gamer has been playing an updated build and shared the gameplay video above. I can't make out much from the game itself except the person playing it was experimenting with it in ways that weren't entirely easy to understand. One thing I did take away from the game is that it looks pretty far along in development and it seems like every choice you make impacts how the battles will turn out. Into the Breach also seems like it's designed for mobile devices in mind as well as PC so it seems we might be able to play it on whichever platform you want.... Read All

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FTL is one of those special Indie games that's a game I keep playing years after it's launch. It's the right blend of immersive gameplay and rogue like mechanics that can make for some really crazy games. Whereas i've only ever beat the game once I can still nearly always get to the final boss fight to get shutdown during on of it's insane forms. Needless to say FTL is incredible and i'm a fan of the creators, Subset Games. Last week news dropped that Subset Games is working on their follow up to FTL called "Into the Breach." Into the Breach is a Kaiju based Pacific Rim like strategy game where you control mechs to protect cities threatened by monsters.

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