Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Released on November 21, 2017 by Nintendo

Developed by Nintendo EPD

You're in charge, so you can decorate your own campsite however you like! Make it fun, make it cute, make it sporty—it’s up to you to craft the kind of furniture and amenities that will make your camp a must-see for animals visiting the area.

And if playing the first hour of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is telling, this entry into the Animal Crossing franchise won't let you down! As I was running around in-game with my newly created Animal Crossing buddy I realized that I wasn't too deserted by the games amazingly plush graphics or storytelling. I've seen some people on Twitter make themselves cry tears of joy at the launch of this game but as a pretty reasonable Nintendo fan who hasn't said goodbye to my love for Nintendo because I haven't felt like they've run around or hurt me. I've really known Nintendo for a long time and I think my hearts aching for more Nintendo franchises on mobile. But I think... Read All

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