Pc XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Released on October 8, 2012 by 2K Games

Developed by Firaxis Games

Remember when the tide started turning and publishers were coming on board to port more games to SteamOS and Linux? I do too, because that time is now as seen in this latest news of XCOM Enemy Unknown coming to Linux. 2K has tapped Feral Interactive to do the port, which is interesting considering they port games to Mac.

If this is a broader move by 2K to port successful titles to SteamOS/Linux this will make for a very interesting year.

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Anyone else pick this one up?

First impressions: It's really good, except that I'm probably going to be tense for the next month and half. The first time some alien just pops out of no where and kills one of the soldiers you've put so much time into... it just make you want to throw your computer across the room.

Let me know if you want to play MP. You'll probably beat up on me pretty good.

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I have a lot of game demo's I need to ry. I dusted off the recent XCOM demo I had in my queue recently and it was a surprising amount of fun.

Full confession as I haven't played any of the original XCOM games. So I don't have much in my mind in terms of if the game follows the originals legacy or anything. If you played the original and then this recent version shout out in the comments or another post, I am interested how that turned out for you.

XCOM is a turn based squad game. Basically its similar to something like Final Fantasy Tactics or the like where you take turns against the computer to overwhelm them. But don't let that absolutely bad description fool you, the... Read All

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