In this episode of Cheerful Ghost Radio, we play Kid Icarus!

In Kid Icarus you play as Pit, and you're tasked with finding three treasures to save Angel Land and its queen, Palutena. Kid Icarus is a mash up of many styles of gameplay, but mostly action platformer. It's bizarre and pretty tricky, and has become a cult classic over the years. Come be a part of Cheerful Ghost Radio by discussing Kid Icarus with us!

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I just watched this Retroactive video on Kid Icarus for the NES. Kid Icarus was one of those games I always wanted but never wanted enough to ask for it for my Birthday or Christmas(the only times I could get games as a kid). I had a NES hint book(all text) that explained how to do well at the first few levels of Kid Icarus and I read the text imagining how the game would look and play.

Did you play Kid Icarus or any of the later incarnations?