I'll be honest, my cultural understanding of Pokemon is pretty bleak. Back in the 90's I bought Pokemon Blue but returned it for religious reasons. As luck and time would have it, I dropped the religious part but have always wanted to head back and try everyone favorite Monster training simulator. Recently I picked up Pokemon Blue at a local retro game store and have really been enjoying my time with it.

When I played Pokemon Blue back in the 90's my first choice of Pokemon was Bulbasaur so I felt this time shouldn't be much different. I always liked Bulbasaur and after doing some research found this to be a very good starting pick. As the early game progressed I... Read All

"Hi everyone! Welcome to our stream where our fish, Grayson Hopper, plays a Pokemon game. Unfortunately, we don't have a dedicated light for Grayson at night as he lives in a tiny dorm room and we would rather not sleep with the light on. :( But in the future we will be getting him a dedicated lamp and improving the quality of the stream to include recent inputs determined by the motion tracking. Things can move a little slow, so another option we're considering is making the system distributed where we have a site where you can provide a fish stream link and we'll include it in the controlling."

Some people hooked up a webcam to a fishbowl and based on which parts the... Read All

YouTuber @Shippiddge has posted 3 episodes in a new YouTube series called "Starter Squad" all about Pokemon. That said, the episodes are hilarious and bend the story in a way you wouldn't expect. So many quotable lines from the opening episodes, my personal favorite was in episode three.

Bulbasaur: "I'm into it."

Squirtle: "Don't care, you have no choice."

So if you love Pokemon and you've always wanted to see Squirtle as a sociopath, check out all three episodes.

Episode Two: http://youtu.be/cyrcNVNpihI?list=PLYVXcniud_HQ1KmYoc1v5O65Lb5-6bE7p
Episode Three: http://youtu.be/whWfJ5GSQCE?list=PLYVXcniud_HQ1KmYoc1v5O65Lb5-6bE7p

If you haven't heard of Twitch Plays Pokémon, here's a brief synopsis: The people behind the channel set up a bot that would pass commands entered in the chat window to an emulator running the original Pokémon.

Of course, with anything like this, trolls were rampant. But the Borg collective of Twitch users playing the game managed to get through all the trolls throwing them off ledges and worked together to beat the game. It took about 16.5 days but they did it.

A message on the stream says that a new adventure will be starting in 19 hours as of this post, so we haven't seen the last of them. I wonder how far they'll take it? I'd love to see it keep going through all... Read All

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Doom Is Now Running On The New Nintendo Game & Watch

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