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Doom on Steam

For everyone in the new Doom closed beta let's talk about the game and our thoughts on multiplayer. Fingers crossed it will run on everyones older PCs.

Players eligible for the DOOM closed beta through their purchase of Wolfenstein: The New Order, your chance to play DOOM multiplayer is coming! We will be running the closed beta between March 31 and April 3. To check eligibility requirements, please visit Participants will be able to try out Team Deathmatch and the recently revealed Warpath mode on two maps: Heatwave and Infernal. Be the first to check out never-before-seen weapons, armor sets, taunts and hack modules.
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jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 04/01/2016 at 02:25am

So I installed it and as I was doing that updated my NVidia driver. The game took a ton of time to simply load up to the menu. Got in after a minute of a really studdery intro video.

Then I customized my character. Not a lot of options, but I am a green/white Marine.

Tried to join a Team Deathmatch game and it crashed.

Loaded again and crash.

Loaded again and tried to load Team Deathmatch and crash.

This game doesn't seem to work well on my PC but the menus seem fine and the game seems to suggest I can run this in 1080p? So far, it's not a great closed beta. smile

Travis   Admin wrote on 04/01/2016 at 03:36am

Yeah I wonder what is causing your crashing. As I mentioned earlier your PC is loads better than mine in every way and I was able to get in and play a match.

I sucked, there are some good players in this beta. But damn, it was pretty. My meager system well below the system requirements listed on the tin was able to play this beautifully with only a little sputtering, which can be fixed with some tweaks.

I'd try it again tomorrow and see if it goes better. Then try verifying Steam's files for the game, I read earlier that some end up missing in some cases. Then try rebooting if that doesn't work, then try erasing your nvidia settings.

scrypt   Supporter wrote on 04/01/2016 at 02:58pm

Just started downloading the PS4 beta. Will post impressions when I finally get to play :)

scrypt   Supporter wrote on 04/02/2016 at 05:12am

Very smooth on PS4. Made it to beta level cap, and customization unlocks are all fun, so far. Warpath game mode is a nice take on king of the hill. I love how fast and frenetic the combat is. Feels like Doom!

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