"When you log into Steam on two computers on the same network, they automatically connect, allowing you to remotely install, launch, and play games as though you were sitting at the remote PC.

When you play a game using In-Home Streaming, video and audio are sent through your home network from your high-end gaming PC to another device in your home.

In home streaming is a great idea for solving the problem of not having all your Steam Windows games playable on SteamOS. Can't wait to try this out because i'd love to play some Wolfenstein: New Order on my TV through my Mac laptop.

Drop your thoughts and experiments with in home streaming in the comments!

Azurephile   Super Member wrote on 05/21/2014 at 09:35pm

This is interesting, although I'm not sure it's something I will use. However, if I could stream my Steam games to my PS3, that would be awesome! I would then be able to use my big screen TV instead of this smaller monitor. Then I could lie in bed and play all the Steam I want. I don't think the PS3 is included, but it would be really cool if it worked!

Streaming is a new-to-me feature I'm still learning about and getting used to. When I got the new PC, I did not hook it up to my TV, like I did the old one. This is because I finally started using a PS3 media server on my PC to watch videos I have on here via the PS3. I love that I can do that, it seems to simplify what I'm trying to do by removing the need for me to attach the PC to the TV as a second desktop and configure video and audio settings for use and reconfigure them when I'm done with what I'm watching. Setting up the PS3 server on the PC is incredibly simple and effective.

JaBo wrote on 05/21/2014 at 11:40pm

Oh, I'll be trying this! I generally play games in the living room on my laptop and neglect my desktop. Now I can finally play some of the higher end games on my laptop while in the living room with the wife. Hello Civ5, looking at you!

scrypt   Supporter wrote on 05/22/2014 at 02:56am

This is really exciting, and the thing I've been looking forward to the most out of the whole SteamOS environment, even though I've recently downsized to one computer. The future looks promising :)

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 05/22/2014 at 05:46am

Ok, I just took in home streaming for a more extensive ride and WOW is it already pretty awesome. I tried a few games: Risk of Rain, Wolfenstein: New Order, Borderlands, Borderlands 2 and Skyrim.

Risk of Rain worked amazingly well EXCEPT it requires you to use a mouse in selecting something to start a game. Everything else is controller only and it streams beautifully.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is the game that suffered a bit during steam play. It's so much more smooth on the PC with a mouse. The game was fine with a controller, but I just do SO much better with a mouse and keyboard. That said I notice some network lag with it, nothing major but I notice a bit.

Borderlands: The game is smooth and VERY responsive and works right out of the box with the 360 controller. A seriously epic upgrade to 1080p from the 720p on the PS3.

Borderlands 2: Just as smooth as Borderlands if not more so. Again, 1080p looks incredible and the game works flawlessly over streaming.

Skyrim: You need to use the keyboard to put it into the 360 controller mode but after that things are as smooth as the PC experience. The game suffers from some noticeable video artifacts with streaming, but it wasn't too horrible.

Overall this is a SOLID launch of in home streaming to my Mac laptop. If steaming is this amazing to SteamOS most people should have a great experience with their games library that won't run SteamOS native.

Travis   Admin wrote on 05/22/2014 at 05:07pm

I tried this a bit earlier on in the beta and I dig it. Some games didn't work well with it. Assassin's Creed 4 was unplayable, but Skyrim and Borderlands 2 were great. The awesome thing is, non-Steam games that you have in your Steam library work too. I was able to stream Diablo 3 with no problems.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 05/22/2014 at 05:15pm

Too bad Blizz won't add controller support to the PC version. That would be awesome to play in the living room without re-buying it.

Then again, I guess I could always just get out the keyboard and mouse to go big screen..... Hmmm.

scrypt   Supporter wrote on 05/22/2014 at 05:51pm

I've tried keyboard and mouse in the living room, and for me it just feels weird. Like, I still need to be at a desk, in the living room, to have the right feel. Am I the only one? What about the new Steam controller? Does that still support key-mapping?

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 05/23/2014 at 12:42am

You can remap the Steam Controller any way it's capable of to my knowledge.

That said, I think I could see where I might want to play D3 on a big TV in the living room and, yeah, i'd prefer a controller BUT a keyboard and mouse might be fine enough to try. I'd need something that worked well in that context though.

JaBo wrote on 05/28/2014 at 08:12pm

Wait, you can stream non-steam games?? Holy balls... my wife isn't much of a fact, fairly anti gamer lol. But there are some games she likes. Zoo Tycoon for instance. If I can stream that to her non-gaming laptop so she can play it in the living room...that'd make all happy =]

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