YouTuber ASMR made this video where he pages through Electronic Gaming Monthly while he whispers his thoughts about them. His channel is dedicated to him doing playing games, crinkling plastic and going through magazines while whispering. If you were really excited about looking over some EGM magazines while someone softly talks to you, get ready for an amazing time!

Decided to share this because this was so different I had to share it with somebody.

scrypt   Supporter wrote on 01/14/2016 at 02:42am

I dig ASMR. I've been listening to a few different "asmrtists" (I think that's what they call themselves) for years, mostly female, to help me fall asleep. For me, I chalk it up to being an introvert. When I was a kid, and my parents would have people over at the house, one of my favorite things to do was grab a coloring book and hide behind the couch against the wall. I loved the sound of everyone talking, and me in my little world, coloring away. That's what I get out of ASMR. No tingles, unfortunately :).

Travis   Admin wrote on 01/14/2016 at 03:55am

Yeah, ASMR videos are just creepy to me. It's like something out of a nightmare.

For more about what we're talking about, if you aren't in the know:

AdamPFarnsworth wrote on 01/14/2016 at 07:33pm

I hadn't heard of ASMR until watching this video. I think it could be relaxing, but the consonants popping drove me crazy. I decided to jump around YT for other ASMR videos, and I kinda hate them all for the same general thing. Whispering is cool, but I really don't like consonants, nor tapping/crinkling/noise making that they all seem to like to incorporate.

scrypt   Supporter wrote on 01/14/2016 at 08:58pm

I avoid the crinkling. Tapping is alright, as long as it's gentle, and not thrashing the object at hand. I usually listen to these videos with earbuds at very low volumes, so it's never too jarring. This one is one of my favorites: .

It can be a little weird, for sure. The roleplay, for me, is unnecessary to the experience, but I'm sure it's fun for the actor to come up with a script of sorts, rather than talk about what they had for breakfast, or other personal things.

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